What to wear to a job interview can seem like a hard task. How can you stand out from the crowd but still fit in with the company ethos? More often than not, it comes down to the type of job you're applying for...

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Admin attire. What to wear to your admin interview

Admin Hero

When interviewing for a job in administration, it is essential to strike the right note with your attire and personal image

First interview attire. What to wear to your first interview

Your First Interview

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. What does your personal style say about you?

Mid management interview attire. What to wear for a middle management job

Management Maestro

You're in a position of responsibility but still accountable to others. Your clothes need to project calmness, professionalism and leadership

Executive level interview attire. What to wear to an exec level interview

Born Leader

The role is high stakes, and so are your fashion choices. Executives set an example to their peers, so dont allow your workwear to let you down

Creative interview attire. What to wear to an interview at a creative company

Creative Whizz

Creative might imply informal, but too casual could well end up looking unprofessional. Find the balance between creativity and professionalism

Sales interview attire. What to wear to a sales interview

Sales Superstar

Much of sales comes down to making the right impression. As such, what you wear to that first job interview takes on a greater significance. Read our advice on how to dress for success.

Finance interview attire. What to wear to a finance interview

Financial Pro

Immaculate presentation and a well chosen outfit is the order of the day. Find out some options of how to approach your interview clothing choices without breaking the bank.

Body Language. What to wear to a finance interview

Body Language

Your clothes look great, every hair's in place and you're feeling fully prepped. But the story doesn't stop there. Check out these seven tips to ensure your body language sends the right message


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