STEM Recruitment

What is STEM?

STEM is the broad term used to group science, technology, engineering, and mathematics together, with the purpose of inspiring a new generation and empowering them with the tools to grow our economy and future of work. Demand for qualifications in STEM fields is growing and REED believes that graduates in the field are the future of all innovation within the modern world – including advancements in medicine, developments in AI, and ensuring environmental sustainability.

How does REED support STEM?

As the UK’s largest family-run recruitment business, we are passionate about actively encouraging graduates into STEM roles, as we understand the important contribution they make to our society and the modern world of work.  

From attending university careers fairs to attract the best graduates in STEM subjects, to having access to thousands of STEM professionals on our database – you can be safe in the knowledge that we will support you in finding the best employees for your business. 


  • Over 100 recruitment experts across the UK specialising in STEM subjects
    We have specialist scientific, technology and engineering recruiters based in offices across the UK including Manchester, Oxford and Cambridge.

  • 20 specialist sectors
    Not only do we recruit for scientific, engineering and technology roles, we have recruitment expertise in a total of 20 industry sectors to support your business’s needs.

  • Longest guarantees
    Our consultants are experts in their fields, giving us the confidence to offer our clients guarantees of up to 18 months – the longest on the market.

  • Access to the best talent
    We have access to the best talent, with a database of over 18 million CVs.

  • Permanent, temporary, and interim
    We supply STEM candidates on a permanent, temporary, or interim basis.

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