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Making the move

When it comes to making the move, there is often a lot to consider and a lot to plan.

Singapore was ranked by the Mercer 2016 Quality of Living Survey as the top Asian country for its quality of life and it's easy to see why. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that many Singaporeans are starting to think about moving home from overseas, and we hope that we can help to make the process as smooth as possible for them.

More than likely as a Singaporean thinking about returning home, you will need to prepare to look for somewhere to live, as well as somewhere to work. It may also be quite some time since you were last in the country and needless to say a city like Singapore does not hang about, and there may have been many changes in the time that you have been away.

Well have no fear because we can help!

We have put together a checklist that you can use when planning your return. This is of course non-exhaustive and it is important to do your own research. However, we hope that this helps to get you on your way.


Start to research where you would like to live Make sure your CV is up to date Get your finances in order and consolidate bank accounts
Research house prices, salaries and cost of living Start to search for availble jobs It's time to book your flights
Discuss your plans with your whole family Put your house on the market Look at shipping options and get quotes from removal companies
Start to think about preparing your house for sale Check that your passport is not about to expire Do you have pets? Look into their transport requirements
Consider talking to your employer - they may be able to help Talk to your children's schools about your departure Start to apply for jobs
Consider using a migration agent to help with the relocation Let your close friends know that you're moving and they're welcome to visit!  Ensure tempory housing is in place for your arrival


Register any children in their new school Cancel newspapers / milk etc. Make sure your transport to the airport is organised
Give notice to your landlord if required Cancel car insurance and sell items you won't be taking Say goodbye to your friends
Arrange your goodbye parties Ensure you have sufficient currency for the trip Check again that everything is packed and that you have an in-flight bag
Ensure all bills and debts are paid off Check that your passport is not about to expire Make sure your passports and tickets are in a safe place
Confirm removalists are booked and start to pack Send your goods on their way and make sure everything else is packed Set an alarm
Give formal notice to your employer Have your leaving parties Get a good night's sleep!