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Trends in Managed Services 2015 and beyond

Reflections on what has gone and what's to come in the world of Managed Services

A day in the life...

'My typical day? Helping companies identify their procurement needs... A career in advertising and marketing preced...

Careers News

With a small pool of available talent and tight budgets, employers are in a difficult position when it comes to rec...

How to master public speaking

Presenting in public does not need to be terrifying. Mike Inman explains how to talk to the crowd...

In soft focus

People matter most in procurement organisations, yet the ‘softer' human issues within the profession are often not ...

Lets stick together

Procurement is not alone: many other vital support functions have undertaken the transformative journey from suppor...

Market Overview with Lewis Douglas

What has the procurement and supply chain jobs market got in store for 2015? Lewis Douglas, regional manager at REE...

What the experts say...

Looking to change jobs? Get promoted? Or perhaps you're trying to break into procurement.

How to realise cost savings against rising margins

A new mindset is required in order to demonstrate value and cost savings during any HR procurement process

How to create and sell change

Instigating change in a company usually involves developing – and selling – a great idea.

Purchasing lacks relationship management skills

The biggest skills gap in procurement teams is in relationship management.

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How to master public speaking

How to master public speaking

Presenting in public does not need to be terrifying. Mike Inman explains how to talk to the crowd...

Lessons from the professionals

Lessons from the professionals

Two senior procurement specialists give their tips for climbing the career ladder

How to become a Procurement interim

How to become a Procurement interim

Moving from a permanent role into interim management is a rewarding career option for procurement professionals who...

Procurement & Supply Chain Salaries

Procurement & Supply Chain Salaries

The REED Salary Guide and Market Insight 2014 collates the salaries and benefits of 2,500 workers across Britain

Social Value - Can it make a difference

Social Value: Can it make a difference?

The new Public Services (Social Value) Act makes local authorities consider the ‘social value' of public service co...


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