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Why are we saying a #BigThankYou?

Often, the people most deserving of our thanks are the ones not looking for any extra remuneration.

All in a day's work

A huge shortage of nurses in the NHS has left the door wide open for those looking for work in the health sector.

Winter crisis in the NHS

Winter is always a time of pressure for the NHS – and it's not because more people go to A&E. In fact, the opposite...

More staff needed in social care

Recent research in the health and social care field has shown a lack of senior managers in the sector, which could ...

How technology can reduce pressure on care staff

The pressure on social care is immense – with government making cuts to all sectors, everyone is feeling the pinch,...

Women in the NHS

Why is it that women make up the majority of workers in the healthcare field, while men occupy the top spots in are...

Take care against training scam

The Care Certificate will be familiar to anyone involved in care work. The accreditation, is given to care workers ...

Rate for the job

How much do you think doctors get paid? And how much do you think they should earn? Whatever profession you're in, ...

Nursing in Numbers

If there's one thing the REED Big Thank You campaign has taught us, it's that there are extraordinary things going ...

Care visits ‘should be longer'

In today's hectic world, everything seems to be a bit of a rush, it seems that nothing we do is without haste. But ...

Risk of dementia on the increase

New figures have been released that suggest one in three people born in the UK this year will develop dementia. The...

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What’s the future for homecare workers?

What's the future for homecare workers?

With life expectancy on the increase, we'll need more care workers in the coming years. But how can we attract skil...

‘Second skin’ offers hope

‘Second skin' offers hope

‘Second skin' offers hope of pain-free artificial limbs: A ‘second skin' pressure sensor has been developed that co...

In focus: Interventions and aids

In focus: Interventions and aids

Having the right help can prevent a disability from dictating the way a person lives their life – it can literally ...

Feeding the elderly

Feeding the elderly

For many of us, eating is not just fuel or a necessary chore – it's a social occasion.

When weight becomes a worry

When weight becomes a worry

Ensuring the person you look after eats regular, nutritious meals is at the heart of caring. So what happens when t...


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