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Guidance on what to include, what to leave out, and how to stand out for the right reasons

CV Template
CV Templates

Whatever your level, we have a CV Template for you. Just fill in your information and be job search-ready today

Cover Letter Template
Cover Letter Templates

Introduce the story of you, using our Cover Letter template

Skills Checklist
Skills Checklist

Skill sets can trump experience, be sure to give the full picture with our skills checklist…

What is a CV?
What is a CV?

We all have one, but why? The purpose of your CV explained…

How to write a CV
How to write a good CV

Your CV can open and close opportunities in minutes. Keep your foot in the door with your perfected CV using our writing and content tips.

How to write a cover letter
How to write your cover letter

Don't write off your Cover Letter, it has more impact than you think! Upgrade yours with our free download.

Honesty on a CV
Lying on a CV?

Little white lie can't hurt right? Keith Rosser, Head of Reed Screening tells us why honesty is always the best policy…

How to explain a gap on your CV
How to explain a gap in your CV

Gaps in your CV happen, explain them honestly and effectively and they needn't become a problem!

How to explain a gap on your CV
How to write your achievements on your CV

Here are three steps you should take to ensure your CV really showcases what you can do...