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Whether you are looking to emigrate to Australia or whether you are an ex-resident looking to return, finding suitable employment should be high on your list of priorities.

As with any highly developed country, there are a number of ways one can go about this. Many use recruitment agencies who have access to the best positions some of which may be offering sponsorship. Another option is to check job boards and speak to companies directly. If your current employer has offices in Australia maybe there is the opportunity for an internal transfer. 

Whilst we would of course love for you to find your employment through us using the job search above, we have included a list of additional job sites in the list below which may be of use. 

Some of the key areas in Australia currently experiencing growth include:

  • Technology including Digital
  • Property and Construction
  • Healthcare and Social Work
  • Education and Training
  • Retail

For a list of shortage occupations, where skilled and professional workers are highly sought after see the Skilled Occupation List.

It may be worth looking into volunteering, internships and work experience as a further option. This would enable you to build further experience and possibly make key contacts who could aid you in your job search. 

Useful Links

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