Innovations in technology give restaurants a new edge

The millennial generation has been a catalyst for change in all industries due to the prevalence of technology in everyday life, as well as other factors.

Changing interests have forced the hospitality and leisure sector to evolve. For instance, millennials are going clubbing far less, instead focusing on different activities.

Rather than spending money on material things, people in this generation are increasingly investing in experiences and shaping their identity. They want experiences that can have a lasting impact on their lives or connect them to others, rather than a night out they might forget the next day.

Millennials have more confidence to pursue unique experiences that interest them on a personal level – they are more interested in being healthy, developing as people and more. Therefore, going to the gym has increased in popularity, particularly when compared with nightclubs. Clubbercise is an alternative way to go out that millennials try – without alcohol, just exercising to good music, in a similar atmosphere to a nightclub.

The digital world shapes alternative experiences

Technology has caused more people to stay online at home than go out. The introduction of social media and dating websites means that we no longer have to go out to meet someone – as was once the norm – there are now far more options. Groups with common interests even have niche sites to use for meeting up with like-minded people online. Going out to meet up has almost become a novelty, or is reserved for special occasions.

With apps such as Deliveroo and UberEats providing opportunities to have all types of food delivered to almost anywhere, fewer people are likely to go to restaurants and cafes in person. Restaurants can then use fewer seats and still potentially have more business. In theory, someone can get a delivery to the beach while on holiday with their family; enjoying both a meaningful experience and good food. With more business comes a higher demand for food – to meet this demand, restaurants need more chefs and kitchen support.

Thriving in the millennial age

Despite the rise of takeaways and in-home entertainment, restaurants are still thriving. Many venues are coming up with innovative ways to entice millennials to meet up in person – such as themed restaurants – in order to compete with technology.

As more restaurants are opening, there are fewer chefs to go around - those with the right training will be highly sought after. Restaurant owners must work harder to ensure qualified and dedicated candidates will accept opportunities from them. Be quick off the mark if you’re aiming to hire the best talent in any aspect of the hospitality and leisure sector.

It is highly desirable for junior employees in this field to gain work experience and training. In order for them to stay at your business, you should be offering development options. Having a positive influence on someone can make them more loyal to your company – they will be motivated to work hard for you in turn.

Offering guests and customers the latest technological conveniences will give them more reason to enjoy their experience and return. Everyone expects a more personalised experience when they go out – which can pose a challenge for businesses. Allowing customers more options, and freedom to choose, will give them a more enjoyable experience.

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