Reed Talent Solutions to support NHS staffing

With daily reports of low numbers of National Health Service (NHS) staff and budgetary challenges, Reed Talent Solutions, today (Monday 8th July 2019), announced its continued involvement in a framework to optimise the NHS workforce effectively and reduce staff costs.

Research from the House of Commons Library, shows in the UK, an average of 13,058 people were admitted to hospital via accident and emergency alone, each day, in 2018/19. And, while it has been reported the number of people employed by the NHS hospital and community health services increased by 2.5% at the beginning of the year, staffing is one of the main issues faced by the service.

As part of an initiative to get NHS staffing running more efficiently, as indicated in the ‘People Plan’, the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) provide staffing frameworks – staff banks, and REED Talent Solutions has once again been named as an official supplier.

Working with the NHS trusts, this framework allows us to support the trusts in delivering quality patient care whilst managing tight budgets.With proven experience, knowledge and capability, we will optimise, attract and deploy high-calibre reliable professionals to work within each NHS Trust. 
Lee Gudgeon, Managing Director for Reed Talent Solutions

NHS staffing frameworks were created to provide a list of vetted and compliant workforce solutions providers to work alongside the NHS – giving them peace of mind that their workforce rota is filled with high quality staff. To become a framework supplier, Reed Talent Solutions has gone through a robust tender framework and scored highly.