Team member leaving? What are your options?

While no-one likes to lose an employee, you can use a departure to grow, upskill or change your team.

If you receive a resignation, take time to evaluate where you are using feedback from your departing employee. Then, ask yourself these five questions:

Does the team structure need to change?

This may be an opportunity to assess your team and see what improvements can be made to its structure. Assessing your remaining employees’ needs and involve them in the discussion. Taking their opinion on board can provide a positive experience for all.

Does the role need replacing like for like?

If you decide against restructuring your team, there is still room to change the role to better suit your needs. It might be that a part-time replacement would be sufficient to replace a full-time employee, or vice versa.

A flexible work pattern may be an option, especially if agile working is a practice you want to start integrating into your business ethos. Or you may wish to keep a full-time employee, but update the job responsibilities.

If there is going to be a gap between end and start dates, how can you overcome an adverse impact on the rest of the team?

Temporary workers are a fantastic option for cost and time savings – if you need to consider them. More skilled professionals are taking temporary or interim positions to better suit work-life balance, and using them as opportunities to broaden their experience and skillset. Temporary workers can be sourced quickly and efficiently by your local recruitment consultant.

Do you need to replace your leaver straight away?

If you have breathing space, take time make any changes or improvements you have identified need to be made. This can aid employee retention and boost team morale.

Do you need to recruit?

If you do decide to hire, the process can be made easier and more efficient by taking all these factors into account. This should result in a competitive role to recruit for, and a valuable, highly competent employee.

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