6 signs it might be time to find a new teaching job

We asked you what are the main motivations for switching schools or role.

While most of you are settled in jobs, a significant number don’t feel satisfied or engaged – could this be a sign it’s time to change roles?

Teachers switch schools or roles for a lot of reasons, but to understand the main motivations, we asked teachers why they would consider trading in a job:

1. Relocation

Sometimes you don’t have a choice. A change in circumstances or a house move might mean it’s not possible to keep an old job, no matter how good it is. If the commute isn’t either practical or possible, you might have to look for something closer to home. Work-life balance is a serious issue as reports show some teachers work 60-hour weeks. To keep on top of your workload, you might need to relocate to a school closer to home that will allow you to focus on improving your work-life balance.

2. Expand experience

The job may be good, the school right, but for career-progression reasons you may have to move. Promotion - or the experience needed to gain it - might lie elsewhere. If you are looking to move up, you might first have to move schools. This might mean moving to a school in special measures to gain experience in behaviour management, or to a grammar school, or an SEN school. It could even just mean moving to a larger school with more students.

3. Boredom

Have things become stagnant? Everything too same-old? Are you just going through the motions? Does the prospect of the new term come with a little sigh? Most teachers love what they do, they love being able to inspire and motivate students. There is the old saying that teachers who love teaching, teach students to love learning. If your days are monotonous, could be the motivation to move jobs – and to once again fall in love with teaching?

4. Variety

Often individuals want to be involved in more than just classroom teaching. Either by playing a greater role in the business of the school or through establishing, or overseeing, extra-curricular activity. Being part of the school and its community is a big part of being a teacher, feeling included and like you’re making an investment can improve job satisfaction. If you feel like you can’t contribute this way in your current role, it could be time to look for those opportunities elsewhere.

5. New challenge

It might be a nice school; the staff might be lovely, the pupils a joy, but is it a role that’s pushing you to achieve a higher standard of excellence? Some people aren’t happy unless there’s a new challenge afoot – if this sounds like you, it could mean it’s time to find a new role elsewhere.

6. School size/quality

Not every teacher is suited to a challenging environment or huge classroom sizes. By the same token, others will find a big school - and situations that requires them to be on their game - a huge motivation. Every teacher has a different ideal and choosing the right school is an important factor in ensuring a rewarding and fulfilling career. You might find you’re more satisfied in a working environment that feels comfortable and enables you to fulfil your potential.

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