Finance professionals sacrifice pay for perks

Our research shows that accountants value benefits above salary when searching for a new role.

We surveyed over 800 finance professionals, with 57% of candidates telling us they consider the benefits package more important than salary. More than three-quarters say they’re more inclined to accept a job if the package met their requirements.

Eight out of ten finance candidates actively look for information about the benefits package when job seeking. Over half expect to find details of employee benefits on job adverts.

These results show the importance of making it easy for job seekers to find out what benefits you offer. Remember to include benefits in the job description and brief your recruitment consultant on your company perks.

There’s only a 60% match between the benefits accountants want and the benefits they get.

Finance professionals told us their top benefits include a competitive pension, a healthcare scheme and flexible working.

However, we found there is only a 60% match between the top ten benefits employees have, compared to what they want.

Gym membership and life assurance appear in the top ten desired benefits, but not in the top ten offered by employers. Both are relatively easy to offer your staff.

In an increasingly competitive recruitment market, offering the right benefits could make you first choice for finance candidates – without breaking the bank.

Companies need to look beyond pounds and pence to recruit and retain the best talent.
Robert Russell, Divisional Director for Reed Finance

Research by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) found that when employers struggle to recruit candidates, 42 per cent increase the salary on offer while a quarter lower the requirements.

Our research suggests a more effective approach. Offer benefits that people want. Tell job seekers what you offer. With this, you could recruit the skills you need without having to increase the salary on offer.

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