Using social media to recruit

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Recruitment advertising has changed radically in recent years, and social media is now a very popular way of finding staff and promoting vacancies. So, here are our tips for effective hiring through social media channels.

Where are your target candidates going to be?

Depending on the role you're advertising for and the type of candidate you're looking for, different social media sites will be useful. For example: creative types or those with a strong interest in writing may well be on Pinterest, or Tumblr, while more senior candidates who rely on their professional network are more likely to use LinkedIn.. Think about who you're after, then find the sites for you.

Keep professional

Doing a shout-out to friends and family to let them know you're hiring is all well and good, but if you're after a more professional level of candidate, choose your words carefully to target your audience. Chances are you'll want to be seen in a professional light, so even if you are posting a status on Facebook, use proper English and a simple link back to your full job ad.

Direct messaging

If you're hiring through social media, getting in touch with people directly can be very effective, not to mention flattering to your targets. Try former colleagues, business acquaintances or friends of friend’s members, if you think they'd be appropriate, or ask them for any recommendations. Be wary of being seen as "poaching" though – keep all enquiries polite and above-board.

If you are using LinkedIn for recruitment it can be very useful for searching and messaging individuals if you're a member, but can be time-consuming. A recruitment professional can help with this.


A culmination of all the above: you need to think about where to advertise (where your prospects are most likely to be), wording your advert in a suitably professional manner, and any other desirable traits your candidates are likely to have.

Targeted advertising, especially on Facebook and LinkedIn have become very easy to use, so you can get most bang for your buck by really narrowing down your search criteria. If you're looking for someone who has worked for a specific company, has had previous relevant roles or even has appropriate interests and leisure activities, you'll be able to find them.

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