The Brexit vote

The effect of the Brexit vote on SME businesses and long term financial planning?

Event: The effect of the Brexit vote on SME businesses and long term financial planning

Date: Wednesday 24th November

Location: Oxford Spires Hotel, Oxford, OX1 4PS

The Speaker


Bruce Cox joined Kokomo as the FD in October 2011 and has helped the company grow from a £1.5M business to £5.4M business. Prior to joining Kokomo, Bruce was a serving Lieutenant Colonel in the Regular Army and served a total of 36.5 years during which time has served on operations in Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Kosovo and Iraq. His last appointment prior to leaving was the senior military accountant in the Army Headquarters where he contributed to the Strategic Defence and Security Review 2010 which shaped the current Army structure. Highlights of his Army career including the planning and implementation for the return of equipment on the withdrawal from Iraq and business case scrutineer for operational theatres including Iraq, Afghanistan and all other overseas operating bases. Bruce was also the senior military officer at Wimbledon for 5 years and his last match in charge was Andy Murray winning Olympic Gold in 2012.

The evening

As well as discussing Kokomo and its customer base, Bruce will also be presenting on:

  • Manufacturing (UK v China)
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Impact on customers and suppliers
  • Article 50
  • Managing Risk
  • The Future

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