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[Full Name]
[Home address]
[Contact Number] • [Email Address]

Personal Statement

This section is your chance to summarise the rest of the CV, and convince the recruiter to get in touch. It is important to keep it brief, between 50-200 words, and outline who you are, the technical skills you have to offer, and your career aim. Achievements are better listed under each job, rather than in your profile.

I have developed strong technical experience within the [relevant profession] over recent years, specifically covering [types of industry/types of garments/particular projects/size of teams/if you have liaised with other countries].

I have worked across various businesses such as [name relevant businesses], and am able to clearly articulate my thoughts.

I’m now seeking an opportunity within an [business type/industry] organisation, where I can bring significant value and experience.


Given the importance of education – both industry specific and general – in advancing through the early stages of your professional career, it is important to highlight your academic strengths early in your CV. Be clear with your grading, and emphasise any specific topics studied.


  • [Subject] – [Grade]

[College/School Name]
[Date M/Y– Date M/Y]


  • [Subject] – [Grade]
  • [Subject] – [Grade]
  • [Subject] – [Grade]

[College/School Name]
[Date M/Y– Date M/Y]


  • [Number] GCSEs, grades [range], including Maths and English

Work Experience

This should be a detailed outline of the work you have conducted throughout your career, listing your technical responsibilities gained through practical experience. Employers will not assume your knowledge – you must illustrate this clearly. You should always emphasise at least three key achievements per role, and use facts and figures to back your achievements up.

Do not be fooled by the suggestion that CVs should be limited to two pages – this is wholly irrelevant to professions, which require evidence of responsibilities undertaken.

[Company Name], [Job Title] [Location]
[Date M/Y- Date M/Y]


  • Name any accounts that you have worked on e.g. I designed the graphics and oversaw the production of the [collection name] collection
  • I attended all fitting sessions for the [collection name] collection with the product developer
  • I looked after the bill of material and chose all the fabrics and trims for the [collection name] collection
  • I created numerous presentations and presented the [collection name] to clients [client name] and [client name]
  • I worked with the head of accounts on cost control, margins and allocations for all projects I worked on


  • Implemented [change] which resulted in [benefit] – list as many as is suitable to benefit your application
  • Received an [award name] for [reason]

Hobbies and Interests

This section is not essential to include, but you may wish to - depending on the role you are applying for. It can be a good opportunity to show a little more of your personality. However, be warned this can be very subjective, so ensure anything listed here reinforces your application, and the idea that you’ll be the right fit for the role. If you don’t have any real relatable hobbies, it is probably best to omit this section.

I organise a weekly [sport] game, managing bookings, transport and help to coach the team.

Undertook a [course] in order to improve my [skill].


References are available upon request.

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