How to resign from your teaching role

Top tips on how to resign from your current teaching role

The thought of handing in your notice to resign can be stressful, even if you've done it before. However, there are some simple tips and words of advice that can help you through it.

Once you have secured your new position it is important to remember that life still goes on in your current company, therefore it is essential that you handle your departure as professionally and considerately as possible.

Your letter of resignation

A letter of resignation should be a formal typed letter, rather than an email, and ideally you should hand deliver it to the Head Teacher or equivalent.

You should keep the letter brief, and avoid going into too much detail, especially over any negative reasons you're moving on. It's fine to simply state that you are leaving to pursue new challenges. Keep your letter positive and respectful and keep it as simple as possible, it is easy to try and over explain why you are leaving the post.

Do's and Dont's of resigning

  • Do prepare. If you're nervous, you may find yourself waffling. It can be useful to rehearse the conversation, so you are clear about what you want to say.
  • Do pick a good moment- ask for a private meeting.
  • Do help out. Leaving clear handover notes and tying up loose ends will make sure your ex-colleagues have a lasting good impression, and it will help hugely in ensuring you get a good reference.


  • Don't discuss your resignation until you've had the conversation with your Head Teacher. It's also good to clarify whether it's okay to talk about it afterwards, as some schools prefer to deliver the news through a formal announcement.
  • Don't speak negatively about your experience with colleagues. Any gossip could get back to the school management, and cause you problems in getting references, or working with the school in the future.

For further details on dates of resignation, speak to your union, and consult your employment contract.

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