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[Full Name]
[Home address]
[Contact Number] • [Email Address]

The top of the CV is usually reserved for personal details – there are a couple of suggestions above, but you may also wish to add your social media profiles for example – if they are suitable.

This is an opportunity to personalise your CV and play around with different fonts and layouts, but make sure it still looks smart and is easy to navigate.

Personal Statement

This section is your chance to summarise the rest of the CV and convince the recruiter to get in touch. It is important to keep it brief, between 50-200 words and outline, who you are, the skills you have to offer and your career aim.

I have gained valuable experience in [area of expertise] at [organisation name], and have a particular wealth of experience and skill in [specific area]. I graduated in [year] from [university name] with a [degree class] degree in [subject] and am now an [industry] professional.

My important achievements include working alongside the [team name] team at [organisation], and contributing to projects including [project name]. I was responsible for/organised [task] and increased [profit/other metric] by [£X/X%]

I am looking for my next opportunity within an [business type/industry] organisation, where I can bring real value and develop my skills further.


This is your chance to talk about your qualifications, academic and vocational. This is a particularly important section for those with less experience. You should give detail about what you studied, where and when, and list them in chronological order. If you have many of one qualification, such as GCSEs you might find it useful to group them together.

[University/College Name]
[Date M/Y– Date M/Y]

[Degree type and honours/course name and grade – add any relevant information e.g. dissertation/projects]

[College/School Name]
[Date M/Y– Date M/Y]


  • [Subject] – [Grade]
  • [Subject] – [Grade]
  • [Subject] – [Grade]


  • [Number] GCSEs, grades [range], including Maths and English

Work Experience/Projects

This is your chance to highlight where you’ve gained your experience from. The key is to get as much information over as possible in a short and concise way. In more technical IT roles a list of skills used is often very useful.

Depending on your background, you may find that you have a longer term contract so you can include a bit more detail behind your responsibilities. If you tend to do shorter more project based work keeping each section simple and to the point is important.

[Job Title], [Company Name] [Location]
[Date M/Y- Date M/Y]

Achievements and responsibilities:

  • A description of the role you were in and where it sat in the IT department
  • Worked alongside [team] to produce [project]
  • Implemented [change] which resulted in [benefit]
  • Received an [award name] for [reason]

[Job Title], [Project Name], [Company Name] [Location]
[Date M/Y- Date M/Y]

  • Brief summary of the project and your involvement
  • Bullet points highlighting skills used and your competency in each of them

Hobbies and Interests

This section is not essential to include but you may wish to depending on the role you are applying for. It can be useful chance to show a little more of your personality. However, be warned this can be very subjective, ensure anything listed here reinforces your application and the idea that you’ll be the right fit for the role. If you don’t have any real relatable hobbies, it is probably best to omit this section:

I organise a weekly [sport] game, manage bookings, transport and help to coach the team.

Undertake a [course] in order to improve my [skill]


References are available upon request.

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