Talent Management: Helping people make the difference

Reed Finance have highlighted some of the tools Business Leaders can utilise to ensure they attract, hire and retain the right people.

Event: Talent Management: Helping people make the difference…

Date: Wednesday 9th November

Location: Norwich City Football Club, Carrow Road, NR1 1JE

A variety of elements have combined over the last few years to create one of the most demanding recruitment markets for employers to navigate. Recent years have seen some of the lowest unemployment rates, an increase in demand for a greater work life balance as well as for temporary and flexible working. This difficulty in finding and attracting the right new recruits has placed pressures on existing staff and driven salary expectations upwards. With this in mind, the informative and engaging afternoon, from Reed Finance and Turning Factor, highlighted some of the tools Business Leaders can utilise to ensure they attract, hire and retain the right people. Here are some of the key learnings:

Optimize job adverts:

A description of the role is no longer enough. You should ensure to also indicate how the company will support the candidate rather than just listing the role requirements. Additionally, using ‘you, yours and your' can make the ad feel immediately more personal, and help the candidate to visualise themselves in the position.

Another important element to consider is formatting. 90% Of jobseekers now use mobile during their job search. In order to make the user experience as easy as possible, and avoid the discouraging the candidate from applying, it is important to make the ad as clear as possible. You should use bold keywords, structured paragraphs and use spacing and punctuation to break up text.

Work with a recruiter:

There are key benefits to working with a recruitment agency to fill you next vacancy. Other than saving you time and effort, they can also provide market expertise and insight, a consistent candidate journey, promote your brand and use their extensive network to bring you the best candidates for the role.

Use executive search:

Executive search recruitment services offer the higher level of service you need to fill a position at this level.

Reed Finance offer a unique executive search service:

  • Expert and sector-aligned consultants use active talent pools of candidates who have received high quality feedback from previous placements
  • Networking and headhunting strategies to access 'hidden' labour markets
  • Targeted attraction campaigns - will use industry specialist sites and publications to attract the highest quality staff
  • iSearch – Reed's executive recruitment service with 12 month 100% rebate guarantee
  • Find out more information about the iSearch approach contact us today
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