Lewis Foster - Advice to my younger self

Lewis Foster - Management Accountant at Wasserman... What advice would you give to your younger PQ self? 

Were you specifically interested in the industry in which you now work?

Yes, when I spoke with my recruitment consultant I told them that my preferential industry would be sports and media.

What attracted you to your industry?

I'm a big sports fan so to be able to combine my job with something I personally enjoy is a massive bonus.

Did you realise that opportunities of this nature were available?

I always hoped so, it's a business at the end of the day and in any business there needs to be somebody doing the numbers and reporting back to management

What piece advice would you give to yourself when you were training as a PQ accountant?

Knuckle down and make sure you put in the effort for your exams, the sooner you can get them out of the way the better for you personally and your career options

What is your next career step?

Hoping to make the step up to Finance Manager with my next move and try to start getting around the business as a whole and not just focusing on the day to day numbers.

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