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Mark Doyle discusses the 'The Method' at our Future Leaders of Finance event with GAAPweb.

Mark Doyle took to the stage to discuss 'The Method' at our Future Leaders of Finance event with GAAPweb. The evening was opened by Divisional Director of Reed Finance Robert Russell, who without further ado, introduced The Method as "the best training course I have ever been on."

What is The Method?

The method is a unique three step performance training programme, drawing on the techniques of method actors, that promises to 'measurably improve performance' at work in a number of areas including personal impact, presentation skills, leadership and more. Although Mark was quick to assure the crowd, despite the session's theatrical origins, "We are not going to pretend to be trees."

So how does The Method work?

The three pillars of The Method are 'Define, Transform, Deliver.' "If you can consciously develop a role" says Mark, "just like an actor, you will be able to deliver a consistently great performance."

1. Define

This is the stage where an actor would study all of the observable behaviours of a character, in order to define how they would exhibit an 'ideal performance.' In the context of the workplace, this doesn't mean becoming someone else but asking yourself "Who am I at my most impactful?" Focus on defining this person with as much specificity as possible. For example, when this was opened to the audience of finance professionals some of the key terms that arose were 'deliverer, influencer, leader, trustworthiness, credibility, gravitas and confidence.'

2. Transform

Once this is clearly defined, the next stage of The Method is to consider how best to embody this version of yourself, just as an actor would in rehearsal. Focus on the observable behavioural changes that constitute this ideal version. There are three key behavioural features that Mark highlights. Firstly, you should consider how the best you would act, thinking about your expressions, eye contact and body language. Next what they would say, including your choice of words and tone of voice. And finally, what this person would do, how would they prepare for the task at hand or day ahead to ensure they were best equipped to project themselves the best way possible.

3. Deliver

The Delivery stage is the culmination of the Define and Transform stages in which, just like an actor, "you commit the live performance." With your role clearly defined in your mind and your behavioural changes adopted you are fully equipped to consistently deliver "the most impactful you."

Mark stresses "No one feels this way all of the time," but using The Method and embodying qualities you have defined will inevitably make you feel more "confident in what you are doing, improve your interactions with others and mean you are more likely to achieve success."

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