Be business-wise in a few minutes each day

Working full time, study part-time and juggle all sorts of other things in your life? We've compiled a list of resources and methods that could help keep you up to speed with minimal effort.

Good accountants should always be aware of what's happening in the world in business, politics and sometimes other spheres too. This helps us spot good business opportunities, take necessary precautions, and impress clients and partners with our expertise. But if you work full time, study part-time and juggle all sorts of other things in your life, how do you stay well-informed without it taking up your precious spare time? We've compiled a list of resources and methods that could help keep you up to speed with minimal effort.


While Instagram maybe king of images, Twitter is still top dog when it comes to news: it's fast, succinct and a well put together news feed can tell you everything you need to know in seconds. Constructing that feed can take a lot longer as there are so many profiles out there, but we think some of the best are:

Business Insider (@BusinessInsider) – finance, media and technology news
TechCrunch (@Techcrunch) latest tech developments in business
BusinessWeek (@businessweek) – business news from Bloomberg
The Nielsen Wire (@NielsenWire) – full of interesting and useful stats
Fortune Magazine (@FortuneMagazine) – big business news
Forrester (@Forrester) – updates from business and marketing analysts
MarketingProfs (@MarketingProfs) – trends and thought leadership in marketing
eMarketer (@eMarketer) – more stats with a marketing twist
Business Innovation from SAP (@Biz_Innovations) – thoughts on how businesses can grow and innovate through technology.

For something slightly more human, the political or business editors from whichever newspaper/blog you like to read are a good bet – if they've got a lo of followers already it's because they are good at their job. 


Some people like to digest news via podcast while doing the housework or driving. This way of consuming content has seen a massive surge in popularity in the last couple of years and is a great way to feel like your achieving something when you're not really doing much at all. Some of our favourite podcasts are TEDTalks Business, BBC Radio 4's More or Less: Behind the Stats, and the BBC's Business Daily. Harvard Business Review's Ideacast also has some great content, but is more focussed towards the American market. 

RSS feeds

Yes – email is out, and RSS feeds (and feed aggregators) have arrived. For those not quite up to speed, an RSS feed is just a notification of when a website publishes new content, and aggregators like feedly keep these all in one place, so you can quickly scan for new, interesting content from your favourite sources.
Publications that regularly post great new content (and lots of it) via RSS include ForbesMashable and Reuters.

Printed news

If you're a little bit more old-fashioned and prefer to read a printed publication, there are still some good ones out there that provide bitesize, informative and easily digestible news and views. The i newspaper and The Week both fit this bill very well, covering all the main topics in brief but without going into the depth of a Sunday broadsheet or specialist journal.


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