An interview with Julian D'Oyley

ACA-qualified Julian D'Oyley is Head of Financial Accounts at REED.

Julian is responsible for producing the accounts and acting as the main contact for auditors in the UK and internationally, as well as ensuring accuracy through reviews, process improvements, approving payments and completing account reconciliations.

We caught up with him to ask about his early experience, what he looks for in staff, and his advice for the un- or part-qualified.

What motivated you to study? Why did you choose your particular qualification?

I wanted to invest in my career, and to have better career opportunities. The ACA was offered on the graduate scheme of the accountancy firm I trained with. (The ACA and ACCA are typically studied by those working in accountancy firms rather than the CIMA qualification.)

Just like completing my degree, passing the accountancy exams gave me the opportunity to apply for jobs that I otherwise could not. The qualification has given me an additional edge in the job market.

What do you look for in a team member?

I look for drive. An employee should be enthusiastic about improving business processes as well as developing their career through completing an accounting qualification.

Also, I look for a confident communicator. Working in finance means that you are exposed to colleagues of different levels and from different departments. It is important to be able to adapt your approach for non-finance staff and not to be intimidated when queries come from those more senior. 

What advice would you give to those considering studying accountancy, or undertaking it currently?

It is a good career that can serve you well in terms of challenge and progression. Also, there are plenty of jobs at all levels in many locations across the world because every organisation needs accountants.

For those currently studying, I do not think that it is possible to over-study or over-prepare for your exams. It may mean not seeing friends for a few weeks. However, all the hard work is worth it.

How about those that may be considering stopping?

Getting qualified is a great way to progress fast in accountancy. The job market recognises what the qualification gives to job applicants and rewards qualified accountants with good pay packets, flexible working, career progression and international work.

It is worth persevering and keeping an eye on that goal!

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