An interview with Sir Clive Woodward

Sir Clive Woodward guided England to victory in the 2003 Rugby World Cup, and is now Director of Sport for the British Olympic Association

At a recent leadership event, Sir Clive spoke to our audience of finance professionals, giving insight into the DNA of a Champion and four key areas of coaching: leveraging talent, teachability, pressure and attitude.

It was an inspiring and captivating talk, set in the iconic London Stock Exchange.

Following the event, we questioned Sir Clive a little further, asking him about the characteristics of great champions, the team vs the individual, and whether champions are born or made.

Check out the highlights of the event, and a few Q&As in the videos below.

What characteristics do great champions share?

Sir Clive tells us the four key things he identifies in great champions:

  • talent
  • ability to learn
  • performance under pressure
  • the attitude of the individual.

What's more important? The team or the individual?

"Great teams are made of great individuals."

Sir Clive tells us how each team member's job is to become the best in the world individually.

"Talent alone is not enough."

The question isn't what you're born with, but what you do with it.

Sir Clive talks about how raw talent can be developed.

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